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Prosperity, Planning, Preservation: A Strategy for Lee County

I am Michael Dreikorn and whether you were born in Lee County, or you made a conscious decision to move here from somewhere else, we can all agree that this is truly a unique place to call home. And to keep the “Old Florida” charm of Lee County I believe we need visionary leadership to ensure it is not lost in our continued path of growth. We need to address our rising Prosperity, Plan strategically for our growth, and Preserve our water quality.


Lee County is the 8th largest county in Florida and growing exponentially. Current statistics show we are nearing an estimated population of 760,224 residents with a two year growth rate approaching 9%. That growth is due in large part to the continued and welcomed expansion of our economy. Be it construction, corporate expansion, or our busy tourism industry, we must stay ahead of these trends and ensure we meet the needs of the citizens of our county. To do that we need a strong commissioner to provide leadership and vision for Lee County which is why I am running for the position in the First (1st) District.


I believe that with our continued Prosperity comes the responsibility to Plan strategically for the future and address the best use of our land and resources. Our economy is heavily dependent upon the construction and service sector. Both are cyclical and offer limited diversification of career opportunities. Lee County must seek to attract new businesses with good paying jobs to invest here, while assisting our local businesses to expand and as your Commissioner, I intend to take my 40 years of business experience in complex high-tech industries and, on day-one, bring them to our County Board. For example, the RSW airport area is abound with potential. My experience in the aerospace industry would be focused on developing interest for an aerospace manufacturing and support hub right here in southeastern Lee County.


At the end of the day, the quality of our water is one of the most the most critical components to the quality of our lives and our prosperity. As an experienced advocate at both the State and Federal level, I strongly believe we must first address these issues locally. As your commissioner, you have my full commitment to do just that by insisting on zero contamination input from anywhere in Lee County into the Caloosahatchee River or our coastal waters. And we must also do everything possible to protect our aquifer.


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