As with any place in the country, Lee County has challenges that need to be resolved.  The Board of Commissioners is made up of five representatives, who are expected to work within the Sunshine and get things done on behalf of the people.  The following issues are those that are brightly on my radar and which I aim to do something about.


Leading For Clean Water

Our water is both our economy and our quality of life.  Allowing contamination to flow unchecked is not an option. As your next commissioner, I promise to not only improve the quality of our waterways, but to ensure that the quality of this important ecosystem is able to sustain not just our quality of life, but the quality of life for all of our beautiful species of wildlife. Read More Here

Ensuring Accountability And Efficiencies In Local Government

Doing business in Lee County should be easy, and so should be pulling the permits needed for residents to do what they want to do. I promise to eliminate the "red tape" that so often slows down our local government process while maintaining a transparent office that is held accountable by the people. Read More Here

Leading For Sustainable Infrastructure And Intelligent Growth

Roads, water, bridges, sewer, and other relevant infrastructure needs to be planned sooner rather than later. As commissioner, it is my goal to oversee that these valuable resources are not only built in a timely manner, but are also compliant with the growing needs of our citizens. Read More Here

Applying Increased Focus On Mental Illness Care

A local community should be judged by how it treats its sick and elderly, including mental illness.  There is no silver bullet to fix the situation, but there is a lot we as a county community can do in order to maintain the health and wellbeing of some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Read More Here

Ensuring A Fair Land-Use Planning Processes

When changes to zoning and land-use are proposed, citizens must have a voice that is not encumbered in the process. Read More Here

Leading To Improve Our Economy And Grow Jobs

We need to ensure our children have the types of jobs that will allow them to stay in Lee County. To accomplish this, we must attract the right kinds of businesses to move to and develop in Lee County, while ensuring our students are taught the skills needed in order to contribute to the growing work force. Read More Here

Ensuring Our Veterans And First-Responders Are Respected For Their Service And Sacrifices

SWFL has one of the largest populations of veterans in the country, and we owe them our continued respect. Our local first-responders are the men and women who keep the rest of us safe. We owe it to them and our community to ensure they have to the tools and skills required to keep us all safe and sound. Read More Here

Ensuring The Lowest Taxes Possible For Our Taxpayers

People pay for everything and there is no such thing as free money. We must be the best stewards of expenditures and eliminate waste at every opportunity. Read More Here

Ensuring Home Rule

The government closest to the people is the government that has the greatest ability to represent the will of the people. We need to continue to ensure the County's powers are not transferred to Tallahassee. And, the County needs to continue to support the various independent districts that serve the diverse needs of our community. Read More Here

Ensuring Lee County Is the Safest Possible

As a coastal county on the Gulf of Mexico, Lee County is no stranger to natural disasters.  I am absolutely committed to ensuring Lee County is the safest and most resilient possible.

Read More Here

Ensuring An Old-Florida Feel For Coastal-Rural And Rural Unincorporated Lee County

The Old-Florida feel of many rural parts of Lee County need to stay that way.  Well thought out land-use planning, with increased public input, and mindful infrastructure development can allow Lee County to continue to be distinct and reminisce of Old-Florida. Read More Here

Leverage The Potential Of Lee County’s Fishing Economy

Saltwater sport fishing contributes approximately a half-billion dollars to Lee County’s economy, yet we do little to preserve our market share.  There is much that can be done through local efforts to ensure we have a fishery worth fishing. Read More Here

Grow RSW To Increase Our Global Connectivity And Local Value

Grow Southwest Florida International Airport, RSW, to increase its global connectivity and increase our local value proposition. Read More Here

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