Mike received a mystery mailer last week addressed to “The Dreikorn Household.”  Careful reading of the fine print reveals it was sent by “The Friends of Kevin Ruane,” using a suite address which is the same address as that of Candidate Ruane’s Treasurer.


Kevin Ruane would never say the things in the Mailer to Mike’s face or put his own name on the Mailer. 


If you received this Mailer, make no mistake where it comes from, and that it was paid for by Mr. Ruane’s friends on Sanibel and his business cronies around the state.  They are all listed on his candidate disclosures. 




The Mailer uses OLD and FALSE information created by an angry former civic association president, whom some might call a carpetbagger.  This person recently tried in vain to get a newspaper to publish it.





Mike served in the military while his opponent did not.  Mike is running for public office to protect his and your Bill of Rights.  His opponent is running for office because he termed out as Mayor of Sanibel.


In 2012, Mike self-reported damage to mangroves on his property caused by a casual laborer.  Mike promptly paid the fine, and later donated four acres of his own land to the Florida Fishery Foundation for aqua-habitat.  His opponent has the worst fertilizer ordinance in the county, to the benefit the golfers on Sanibel island.  


As commissioner for the Matlacha/Pine Island Fire District, Mike helped save the firefighters from bankruptcy, purchase three new trucks, increase services, decrease response time, reduce overall district expenditures by 30%, reduce homeowners’ insurance, and ensure that every firefighter is also a trained and certified EMT.  WHY?  Because no one else could reach Matlacha and Pine Island in a timely manner.


Over 10 years ago, Mike refinanced the mortgage on his $350,000 house after the first mortgage had been sold from company to company four times, representing himself in the wrongful foreclosure case.  His opponent bought a house worth five times that amount on Sanibel in 2017.


Mr. Ruane appears to be conducting his campaign by mail, spending $180,000 from his campaign treasury for five mailings and for hired workers to put up his signs.  Yet, he failed to appear for the Women’s League of Voters candidate forum and the Florida Citizen’s Alliance candidate forum.  He arrived late for the Burnt Store Republican Club forum this week.


On the other hand, Mike Dreikorn is knocking on doors, answering every question, shaking every hand, and will listen to every one of you.


Don’t you want a candidate who works for your vote? If so, then vote for Michael Dreikorn. 

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